Title: Harrisburg Hospital Nursing Alumni Association:

The Harrisburg Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association was organized and chartered in 1908.  The school of nursing opened July 1, 1903 with a two year nursing course. In 1905 the program was changed to a three year course of study in nursing.  The last class graduated in 1974 when the school of nursing closed. A total of 2,525 students graduated from the Harrisburg Hospital School of Nursing.  All graduates of the school are eligible to be members of the Alumni Association. The object of this Association is to promote fellowship among its members and the advancement of the nursing profession through the association's scholarship funds.

Each member pays annual dues to belong to the Alumni Association. The Association's fiscal year starts January 1st and ends December 31st with dues being collected by early January. Members with 35 continuous years of membership are recognized in a special category. The dues are used to pay all the costs of the Association. 

On November 18, 2022 the Officers and Board of Directors voted to dissolve the Association as of December 31, 2023. Please note changes have been made to the number of Echoes and donations to the Memorial Fund. Scholarships will remain and donations can be made indefinitely.


The Association will publish three additions of Echoes in 2023, January, May and October and it will be sent to all dues paying members and 35 year members. It will contain a variety of articles, member address changes and obituaries and any other items of interest. It contains our financial information and forms for donations to our various nursing scholarship funds. We are always looking for new authors and are willing to help tell your stories. Echoes is available by E mail or regular mail.


The Association established two nursing scholarship funds to support the education of nursing students and for nurses seeking an advance degree. The HACC Nursing Scholarship Fund supports student nurses in their R.N. program. The UPMC/Pinnacle Health Foundation Scholarship Fund supports nurses employed by UPMC Pinnacle in their pursuit of advanced degrees and high school seniors from Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry Counties in Pennsylvania seeking to attend an accredited R.N. program. These scholarships will continue indefinitely and will continue to accept donations. The Nurses' Memorial Fund is not accepting further donations although the committee will continue to support needy nurses through the end of 2023.


Each year in June the Association had an Annual Banquet until the COVID-19 pandemic. A banquet was not held in 2020 , 2021 or 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board of Directors is encouraging each class to hold their own reunions to celebrate. Class lists are available until the end of November 2023 from the Membership Secretary by contacting Linda Ulmer through the Association phone at 717-412-0230.      

The Officers and Board Members thanks each of you for your continued support of the Association as we undertake this very difficult task.