Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairpersons:


President:                                                               Linda Foltz Ulmer '66

Vice President:                                                       Norma Linthicum Watson '56

Secretary:                                                               Sybil Bower Williams '62

Assistant Secretary:                                                Marilyn Mattern '67

Membership Secretary:                                          Linda Ulmer'66 and Norma Watson '56

Treasurer:                                                               Judith Gray Atticks '62

Assistant Treasurer:                                                Lovonne Shuman Cooper '56

Board of Directors:                                                 Barbara Fritz '62

                                                                                Susan Reich Fetterman '74


Memorial Fund Committee:

                                                                              Barbara Fritz '62

                                                                              Judith Collins '60  

                                                                              Nancy Carl Lagyak '62

Committee Chairpersons:

Banquet                                                                  Judith Gray Atticks '62

Social                                                                      Barbara Fritz '62                                                       

Contact Persons:

Program                                                                  Norma Linthicum Watson '56

Sick and Visiting                                                    Sybil Bower Williams '62

Scholarship: HACC                                               Linda Ulmer/Norma Watson

     UPMC   Pinnacle                                              Marian Haubert Lefevre/ Linda Ulmer 

Endowed Room                                                      Susan  Baer Starr '50


On November 18, 2022 the Board of Directors voted unanimously to end the functions of the Harrisburg Hospital Nurses' Alumni Association as of December 31, 2023. All current Officers, Board Members and committee chairpersons will continue in their current positions through the end of 2023.  This decision was not made without consideration of all the factors involved. There has been a steady decline in attendance at meetings and banquets. The current board members and committee chairpersons are well into their 70's and 80's and we have not had a full complement of officers in over 11 years.  COVID-19 force us to cancel the last three banquets, one of our major reasons to continue operation. The increased costs of postage as it relates to producing and sending out Echoes. The Officers and Board Members thank all our graduates and association members for your continued support as we undertake this very difficult task.